5 Ways to try CBD properly for under £15

5 Ways to try CBD properly for under £15

So you want to give CBD a good try but have no idea where to start or worried about the cost of some CBD products? Well don't worry, we've made a list of 5 ways to give CBD a real try for £15 or under that will give you a good idea as to whether CBD is for you! Furthermore we have also added to each products where to go from there if you get on with your test run to make it a cost effective experience moving forwards! 

So there are many different ways to take CBD such as CBD Oil Drops, CBD Gummies, CBD Topicals/ Balms, CBD Massage Oils or edibles and beverages. What's the best way to use it? There isn't one set answer, depending on how you take it it can greatly vary how it works for you. So we've purposefully made this list a spread of the different kinds of ways to administer CBD and an explanation as to why each method is different. 

1. CBD Chocolate! When trying CBD for the first time, some products that have a strong hemp flavour can be off putting so this CBD chocolate is absolutely perfect for those who want to give CBD a try without the hempy taste. It's made with the best quality, lab tested Full Spectrum CBD by a local chocolatier in Wales. The flavour combinations are to die for and in our opinion these chocolates are better than a lot of the standard chocolate you can buy these days! 

These chocolates are made by www.Infinity-CBD.co.uk and can be seen there as well as on our on-line shop. 

There are four incredible flavours to choose from, Gingerbread, Mint, Orange and Honeycomb and Raspberry Dark Chocolate. Our in store favourite is Orange and Honeycomb! 

So dosage wise these bars have 120mg of Full Spectrum CBD in each bar. This works out at roughly 5mg per square. So in order to give CBD a go with these chocolates we'd recommend 1-2 squares a day either in the evening or morning. 1 square a day means you'll have 24 days worth out of one bar, or 2 squares a day would give you 12 days! 

So for £14.99 you can't go wrong for a great tasting CBD product that boasts the quality and traceability that Infinity CBD have to offer! 



2. Mints! These easy to carry bad boys taste just as you'd expect and pack a dose of 5mg per mint! They're a great way to have a CBD top up accessible no matter where you are with their small resealable pouch. At 5mg per mint we'd suggest trying 1-3 a day giving you between 10-20 days worth to give them a good go. It's worth noting that these aren't made with a Full Spectrum Extract, they use CBD Isolate in their mints but you'll still get a good chance to see how CBD can help you and the price point is very reasonable at only £10.50 per pack! 


3. TEA!!!!! You can't beat a good cup of tea can you, especially at the end of a long day. So what better way to build CBD into your daily routine than introducing it into your brew? Not only is this a great cost effective way of giving CBD a try but it also tastes great without a strong hemp flavour. There are a few options to choose from to fit your taste and at only £12.99 it works out at just over £1 per day! 

If you find that you like introducing CBD to your brew after the trial but want a more cost effective option then checkout our water soluble CBD drops that enable you to customise your dose easily whilst blending effortlessly with any drink hot or cold!

Choose from English Breakfast, Sencha Green Tea and Turmeric and Ginger

4. Turmeric Gummies! These gluten free and vegan friendly gummies are a great tasting combo to introduce turmeric and CBD into your daily intake. They're 5mg per bear and come in an easy to use resealable bag for only £9.99! If you find that you're getting on with them then you can opt for the larger jar next time to be most cost effective! 


5. CBD Oil Drops! Ok we've been a bit cheeky adding this one mainly because its slightly over £15 at £17.99 but we'll rectify this by offering readers of this article a code to make these drops only £14.99! (Code at the bottom)

CBD oil drops are one of the most efficient and popular methods of utilising CBD. You have a few options on how to administer them making them a versatile product an out of everything on this list they have the most CBD in meaning that you'll get a lot longer out of your trial run than the others. 

With 250mg in the entire bottle you can get up to 50 days by using 5mg per day or 25 days taking 10mg a day! 

You can either take these drops and hold them under your tongue for 60-90 seconds for fast absorption or simply swallow them or add them to food or drink. We regularly add these drops to our morning coffees for example! 

One thing to note with these drops is that they come in different strengths, so if you find these work well for you it is well worth going for a stronger concentration next time to save you money. Furthermore by buying a strong concentration you reduce the amount of drops that you need to use. So if you're not a massive fan of the hempy flavour or oily texture, buying a stronger concentration means this won't be as much of an issue! 

To claim your Infinity CBD 250mg Oil Drops for only £14.99 use the code "5WAYSCBD"

Infinity CBD Drops


Well there you have it! 5 easy ways to give CBD a go without breaking the bank! As always we're on hand to answer any questions or to advise on usage/ other products, simply drop us an email on here or follow its on Instagram or Facebook and drop us a message! 



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