Best CBD Christmas Gifts 2022

Best CBD Christmas Gifts 2022

It's no secret that more and more people are using CBD than ever before. With Christmas right around the corner and a plethora of CBD products available, it's never been easier to treat someone special to a pampering experience, decadent edibles or a new calming CBD routine to kickstart the new year with! 

We break down our top recommendations for CBD gifts this Christmas! Whether it's a stocking filler, or something a bit more high end and luxurious, we're got you covered! 
1. CBD Chocolate! 
I mean come on, what's Christmas without some chocolate?! whether it's chocolate coins, those marbled looking sea shells or a Lindt bunny, no Christmas is complete without chocolate making an appearance. 
Now you can take that a step further and delight the senses with Infinity CBD's gourmet CBD chocolate range including Gingerbread, Orange and Honeycomb, Mint and Dark chocolate Raspberry! 
Starting at 5mg per square, it's the perfect way to try CBD for the first time using a couple of squares, or for experienced CBD users to balance their daily routine with. Better yet, you can use this chocolate in some tempting Christmas recipes! 
Pro Tip: Melt 2-4 squares into your favourite hot chocolate mix to add a boost of CBD and a flavour profile to match! Our staff favourite is making a Mint CBD Hot Chocolate! 
Deals: These chocolates make a great gift and can be bought in a bundle of all four flavours for a big saving! So why not treat yourself at the same time?! 

Best CBD Chocolate Christmas Gift idea
2. Great Tasting CBD Vape Juice! 
Many of our customers have come across from vaping, or are looking for an alternative to combustion. So since we opened our doors in 2018 we have offered a range of CBD vape solutions that cover everyones needs. Whether you need a cheap and easy to use solution with CBD Isolate that tastes like familiar fruity vape juices, or a more advanced full/ broad spectrum solution containing plant sourced terpenes, we've got you covered! 
Giving the gift of a CBD vape juice doesn't have to be complicated, our recommendation for advanced/ more experienced customers is to go straight to the Aztec CBD range. You simply can't beat it in terms of consistency, quality and taste. At a highly potent concentration in a 10ml bottle, these are best used in smaller pod systems or at a low wattage. 
Boast familiar strain profiles such as Super Lemon Haze, OG Kush and Grandaddy Purple, there's a familiar strain for everyone. 
Pro Tip: Try using it 30 mins prior to getting into bed for your new calm bedtime routine! 
Best CBD Christmas Gift ideas Aztec CBD Vape Juice
3. CBD Massage time!! 
It's fair to say everyones had a somewhat stressful and unusual time over the past year or two with the chaos of what's going on in the world. Whatever your stance on all of that is, one thing is for certain between us all, we could all do with some TLC. 
CBD has been used by professional massage therapists since it's boom in popularity and with good reason. You can't beat an all natural infused massage oil to help work those tense muscles, sore neck or as a post bath warm down. 
Infinity CBD Massage products are made here in Wales, using only the best full spectrum CBD and was developed alongside professional massage therapists to ensure it's effectiveness. 
You can give the gift of CBD massage in two ways, either with their CBD Massage Oil, or with their decadent CBD Massage Bars that melt upon contact with your skin creating a bountiful gold massage oil infused with peppermint and cinnamon leaf essential oils. 
Pro Tip: The massage bars can be used up to 3/4 times each, so with 2 per pack they can give multiple long lasting massage treatments! Keep the tin open ready to place the bar back in after use as you will have oily hands when in use! So it saves trying to remove the lid with slippy hands! 

CBD Massage bar Christmas gift 2021



There you have it! Our top 3 best CBD Christmas gift ideas 2022! As always feel free to drop us a message or pop into our shop to find out more, consultations are free with no obligation to purchase! 



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