Top Ten CBD Products May 2020 UK

Top Ten CBD Products May 2020

We've been using CBD ourselves for years, and we feel as though we have a good grasp on what's out there and whats worth trying. As a cheeky extra for taking the time to read this article we've got a discount code hidden in here for you to use on the products in the list. Use the code "TOPTEN" for 10% OFF! 

So whether you're new to CBD or have been using it for a while, we're sure that there are a few products here that will be of interest to you. Our Top Ten CBD Products will help you find something perfect for you with a mixture of CBD Oils, CBD Balms, CBD Vape juices, CBD Honeys and Drinks. 

As with all of our products they have been supplied with lab reports and additional third party testing for assurance with quality, CBD content and safety. 

Not much else to say at this point other than we hope you enjoy, here are our top ten must try CBD products in no particular order: 

1. HONEY STICKS! Starting out with a shop favourite here. 10mg infused honey that is conveniently packaged in portions. Easy to pop into a Tea or Coffee or simply add to toast or your morning cereal. Pro tip from Rowan is to add this to some hot water and lemon when suffering with the dreaded man flu! Perfect for first thing in the morning or last thing at night, can't really go wrong with these. If you don't like the hempy taste of CBD Oil then this can be a great alternative! Try them HERE 

2. MASSAGE BARIf you haven't tried a CBD massage yet, you're in for a treat and Infinity CBD have masterfully created the perfect product to try it out. Their massage bars may resemble a chocolate bar but don't eat it! This bar melts into a decadent massage oil upon contact with skin, with peppermint and cinnamon leaf essential oils it takes you to a new level of relaxation. With the aid of organic adzuki beans to work your muscles these massage bars are the perfect solution to a long day or as a post workout pampering session. You get two bars in each box with each bar lasting for between 2-4 massage sessions. As with all of Infinity CBD's cosmetic products these bars boast 50mg of Full Spectrum CBD with a total of 100mg in each pack. Not only that but they're only £14.99! Buy HERE


3. WATER SOLUBLE CBD OIL Many of you may have already tried CBD Oil and not been a big fan of the taste, well this Water Soluble CBD from Hemplucid is an incredibly versatile product. Not only can you take it orally under the tongue but you have the option to add it directly to a drink such as water or Tea or Coffee. Unlike your typical CBD oil it won't float on top of your drink but blend perfectly in. This enables you to bypass the hempy taste and focus on enjoying your beverage. Furthermore Hemplucid's extraction methods and nano amplification of the CBD particles means its more bioavailable than your standard CBD oils, so drop for drop the CBD is working more efficiently. Another shop favourite for morning coffees! 


4. GREEN MONKEY! Don't mistake this for an energy drink, as they put it "Relax, its not Bull!". This a light sparkling fruit drink, somewhat similar in flavour to Lilt with the added benefit of being relatively low in sugar with a 10mg dose of CBD per can! An easy convenient way to top up during the day whilst keep hydrated and chasing that refreshment, especially now that the weathers picking up in the build up to Summer!

This is in our eyes the most ground breaking CBD product to hit our shelves this year so far. This small bottle packs a punch as one of the most versatile products that we sell. It's a 500mg Full Spectrum infusion in Olive and Almond oil with added Vitamin E. With real Lavender and Peppermint essential oils, this blend has created the perfect topical solution that is easily applied with the roller ball. Apply to targeted areas for relief, or rub straight onto your wrists for fast absorption into your bloodstream Don't be put off by the small bottle, with the potency and quality of the CBD in this combined with the additional interactions between the Linalool terpenes found in the lavender and the terpenes and other cannabinoids in the CBD extract this packs a punch! A little bit goes a long way with heavy daily use still meaning that one bottle can last you months. Infinity CBD have done it yet again! Available HERE

6. GUMMIES! Everyone loves sweets right? Sunstate Hemps Gummies have been one of our most popular products since we opened both by staff and customers. They're an easy way to take a regular dose without a hemp taste. Although they're not as fast to absorbed as vaping or taking a tincture under the tongue, they're a perfect way to have a consistent dose that lasts longer. Most customers report taking one in the morning and one at night. Be warned they taste great so try not to eat them all at once! Available in Vegan options as well and better yet if you're new to CBD you can try them out by buying a small 180mg sample pack for £10.99 before buying a larger pot. 

Available HERE 

Ok so this isn't a product that you'd use daily but everyone deserves a treat and a bit of a pampering session every now and again right? Well these Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs are the perfect way to unwind. Not only are they available in a variety of gorgeous smells and colours but they boast some of the best ingredients of any CBD Bath Bombs that we've come across. Using Shea Butter and Almond oil as the carriers that have been made water soluble along with the CBD this means that your skin will be nourished all over rather than just on top of the water like a typical oil bath bomb. Not only is this better for absorption but also helps prevent staining your bath afterwards! Our favourite in the shop is Lover's Spell, which is a beautiful blend of Ylang Ylang and Orange essential oils. It boasts a purple scented with a bright gold exterior. You don't get much fancier than that right? Yet another product by Infinity CBD in this list! These bath bombs are available in 50mg and 100mg options!

Available HERE

8. Aztec Vape Full Spectrum Vape Juice If you're after a Full Spectrum Vape solution with authentic terpene profiles from popular strains then you can't get much better than Aztecs lineup. Ranging from 100mg - 1,000mg no matter concentrated you like your juice this range has you covered. In our experience it's very reasonable on coils as well, with our coils lasting almost twice as long as other options we've used.

Available HERE


9. CBD Multi Vits! Sunstate Hemp are at it again, providing a solution for great tasting consistent doses whilst now streamlining your daily routine by combining your CBD dose with various options of Vitamins. Whether its a boost of Vitamin C, Fibre, Iron, Collagen, Turmeric and Ginger or Omega 3 they have everything you could want. Also available in sugar free options! 

Available HERE


10. Dog Treats! CBD isn't just for Humans! We have many regular customers who use CBD with their pets with great feedback. With dogs in particular there isn't an easier way to get it into their diet than treats right? Even the fussiest of dogs won't turn their noses up with this selection of treats. With 100mg in each tub and most dogs only needing 1 -2 treats a day these are a simple and easy way to keep your pup topped up without breaking the bank! 

Available HERE