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Sun State Hemp CBD Gummies Mega Party Pack - 3000mg

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Sun State Hemp CBD Gummies Mega Party Pack 3000mg

All of your favorite CBD-packed gummies, in one convenient and delicious package!

Can’t decide on which tasty treat you want to deliver your desired dose of CBD hemp oil? The Mega Party Pack brings together 6 of Sunstate's most popular CBD oil infused edibles for your enjoyment and convenience. Each of the edibles in the Mega Party Pack is filled with a powerful infusion of CBD hemp oil. The Mega Party Pack includes apple rings, peach rings, blue raspberry rings, gummy bears, gummy worms, and sour strips, all with the quality CBD oil content that you expect from Sun State Edibles.

CBD gummies are made with ingredients derived from organic CBD oil and are perfect for on-the-go, convenient dosing. Make your life a little more sweet by adding gummy rings to your diet!


Sun State Hemp offers the latest and best CBD oil for sale. Our selection of CBD gummies come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors that cater to every pallet. While CBD hemp oil has a very distinct and natural taste that some find delicious, CBD gummies are extremely popular among new CBD oil users because their taste and texture are very similar to the candies you would normally find in a grocery or candy store. Each of our CBD gummies are carefully crafted to offer full flavor and maximum strength CBD hemp oil.


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid commonly found in hemp plants. While many customers are unfamiliar with CBD oil and are a bit taken aback by the term cannabinoid, there are a lot of other delicious treats that people come into contact with regularly that already contain cannabinoids. For example, BCP, a well-known cannabinoid, is commonly found in most store-bought cinnamon and other spices. Each cannabinoid is its own unique compound and our bodies react differently to each one. With this in mind, CBD gummies can be a great addition to your normal routine. Sun State Hemp offers a wide variety of CBD gummies and edibles, including our CBD honey sticks which can be used to sweeten your morning coffee or tea!


Whenever you start looking at CBD oil for sale online, or anything that you ingest for that matter, it’s important to know what you are taking. Before purchasing any CBD hemp oil product, we highly recommend looking at our independent lab tests, which are conveniently listed on each CBD gummies page for customers to review. Sun State Hemp works with the best and brightest minds in the CBD oil industry to create the highest quality CBD gummies possible. Each treat is delicious and effective, with suggested dosages and ingredients listed on the package to ensure proper use. Be sure to review the CBD contents of each of our products as well. All of this information can be found on each individual product page.


While CBD gummies can be a delicious treat, they can also be a fantastic boost to your supplement regimen. All of the CBD hemp oil, CBD isolate, and other hemp derived ingredients we use in our CBD gummies, are grown, harvested, and manufactured in the United States. CBD hemp oil is extracted using the latest methods, and is reviewed by third party testing to ensure purity. Once everything is said and done, our CBD oil products are then shipped to retail and wholesale customers all over the globe.

The Sun State Hemp CBD Gummies Mega Party Pack - 3000mg is something you won't want to live without once you've tried it! Ask us why or checkout our facebook page and the reviews to find out for yourself!

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