CBD Coffee - Tried It Yet?

CBD Coffee - Tried It Yet?

With the ever growing popularity of CBD you'd be hard pressed to not have heard about CBD Coffee yet, but do you know why you should give it a try? Perhaps you already know about CBD and you're intrigued to see why you'd want it in your coffee or you're completely new to CBD and want the scoop. Well here I'll break down what CBD Coffee is all about and why you should try adding it to your morning routine! 

I've personally found when I add it to my morning coffee it balances out the caffeine surge and keeps me more engaged. On stressful days the CBD infused Coffee doesn't agitate things and acts more as a calming functionality. CBD coffee can be made in numerous ways and simply comes down to your preferred method. Generally speaking the option you go for will reflect on price, flavour and dose. 

CBD Coffee Options: 



The easiest way to get a correct dose of CBD per cup is either using tinctures or infused honey/ syrups. This means you can get the exact dose you need (Typically 10-20mg) per cup. Most tinctures are oil based so do have the drawback of leaving an oily residue onto of your coffee which isn't to everyones taste however we also offer flavoured tinctures such as Cinnamon which can actually improve the taste of your morning cuppa. 

CBD Coffee Drops

Water Soluble Drops

If the oily texture isn't to your preference then a very popular option and the favourite choice in store is water soluble solutions. These act in the same way as tinctures meaning you can give yourself an accurate dose but as they're water soluble they mix into the coffee without leaving an 'oil slick' on top. Our favourite brand of water soluble drops are Hemplucid who create one of the best CBD products we've ever tested. They're incredibly efficient at absorption and the effects can be felt very quickly due to their unique extraction methods. 

Water Soluble CBD Coffee Drops

Infused Coffee Syrups/ Honey Sticks

Honey sticks and Coffee Syrups are also another favourite in store and amongst many of our customers. These are really convenient to carry around and can be popped open and deliver exactly 10mg by squeezing the contents into your drink. They mix well without leaving any residue on top of your drink and add a sweet flavour to your drink. The honey sticks in particular also work great in Teas (Rowan's favourite sore throat remedy is hot water with lemon and a CBD infused honey stick). 

Infused Coffee Beans

Lastly you can buy CBD infused coffee beans. These can be a great way to make your preferred coffee at home although these can be harder to track dosage and depending on the preparation method can burn off some CBD. Although it's very convenient as you would make your coffee as you typically would at home! 

CBD Coffee

So there are your main options for CBD coffee. For those who are looking for a boost in general well being or looking for something that may help their anxiety/ stress levels CBD coffee is certainly a great place to start! 

We offer CBD coffee in store either via tinctures, water soluble drops, honey sticks or infused coffee syrups as well as these products individually to make your coffee at home or in work. 

If you have any questions about CBD coffee please don't hesitate to get in touch on here or via our Facebook/ Instagram

Right well I'm off to make myself a cuppa, so catch you next time! 

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