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CBD Balms and Skin Care


Topical CBD solutions can be used for a variety of reasons, whether its for your new personal CBD Skin Care routine, to massage your achey muscles, moisturise your skin post shaving, treat dry skin or for aromatherapy during meditation we have everything you could need! 


CBD Balms and Skin care have to be one of our best selling type of products, a close second to CBD Drops. The reason being is many of our customers find targeted relief and application more effect for their needs or they combine the use of an internal solution such as drops or edibles with a topical solution for a double angled approach to their CBD routine! Now don't worry, if you find a combination of both is the best solution for you, it doesn't have to cost the earth! We have CBD Bundles perfect for people starting out that allow you to try both internal and external CBD products and save considerably whilst doing so! 


So where do I start with CBD Balms and Skin Care? 


Well that depends on why you're using it and we'd be happy to offer more in-depth advice in store, over the phone or via email as it's quite complex and everyone is different and may need a different solution/ approach. However we'll do our best to quickly point you in the right direction! 


All natural ingredients important to you? Well if so then look no further than Infinity CBD their cosmetic range is made using only the best all natural ingredients, combined with Full Spectrum CBD. They developed their CBD Balm with a local support group called Dyfedd Fibromyalgia to ensure their product worked effectively whilst being easy on the skin. It's great as a moisturiser or for targeted relief by being massaged into an affected area. A little bit goes a long way with this one so start off small!

After something to work those muscles? Well it isn't just CBD Balms and Skin Care in here, we also offer CBD Massage therapy solutions such as CBD Massage Oil, Massage Bars and aromatherapy roll ons to! 

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