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Our range of CBD edibles from gummies to drinks!


CBD Edibles are for an easy tasty top up, whether its CBD Gummies, CBD Chocolate or some CBD Mints we have everything you could hope for. 


So why would you choose CBD Edibles over drops? Well there's a few reasons. Firstly we find edibles the best entry level product for customers. Not everyone gets on with the taste of CBD drops, or find the dosages/ drops confusing at first. Where as with edibles you know that you can easily take a consistent dose, furthermore you can do so with a tasty treat! For example CBD Honey has been a popular one off the bat for us, it's popular amongst ourselves as an addition to Coffee or Tea. Other options like Gummies or Chocolate are great to try out or to have on hand for less regular CBD users. 


Often our customers will start with CBD edibles and then move onto Drops or tablets as a more cost effective way to use CBD Regularly.


Do CBD Edibles act differently than CBD Drops? 


In short, yes and no. CBD Drops are a more efficient way to get CBD into your system if you hold them under your tongue. However should you decide to swallow the CBD Drops directly or add them to food/ drink then the results will be the same as CBD Edibles. 


When using CBD edibles it can take 40 minutes - 2 hours to get to work but you should see 4-8 hours of effects depending on your dose. 


So should you try CBD Edibles? For sure! There's many tasty options out there, our personal advice if starting out is to make sure your use a Full Spectrum CBD Edible, CBD Isolate edibles aren't quite as effective and although Full Spectrum options tend to be slightly more expensive, it is worth it for effectiveness! 

As always if you have any questions feel free to pop into store, drop us an email or a call and we'll be happy to help you get started on your CBD journey with the perfect CBD Edibles for you!

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