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Our curated selection of the best CBD Vape Juice on the market! 


Vaping CBD has been a popular choice with our customers since we opened in 2018 and with good reason. CBD Vape Juice is one of the quickest delivery methods for CBD. So if you're after an efficient solution for on the go top ups then this could be the way to go for you! 


No Nicotine! We don't stock CBD Vape Juice with nicotine in, we offer premixed flavours in various concentrations of CBD and CBD Shots to add your favourite regular vape juice flavours such as the Infinity CBD Additive found HERE. 


Terpenes? Some of our most popular CBD Vape juice solutions are full spectrum extracts with authentic plant based terpene profiles. Terpenes themselves carry attributes that are familiar to the other effects of CBD and Cannabis. Being able to utilise them alongside Full Spectrum CBD whilst using a legal CBD product doesn't get much better than this. Such as this range from Aztec CBD, available in Super Lemon Haze, OG Kush and many other popular strain profiles. 


CBD Vape juice as a substitute for Cannabis Use?


We maintain a tight ship here at Pembrokeshire CBD Centre, we don't condone any illegal drug use and will refuse to give advice on such subjects. We verify everything we stock with lab reports to ensure the legality and will never offer advice about the illegal alternative and certainly will never sell anything illegal in our stores so don't ask! However it's no secret that a lot of Cannabis users utilise the illegal option for some of the same reasons people use CBD. We often have customers wanting to quit smoking the 'Full Fat' illegal option and use the best CBD Vape Juice to do so. From customer feedback and experiences its been unanimous that a Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice is the only way to go to substitute the habit effectively. 


As always if you have any question about CBD or want to know which is the best CBD Vape Juice to start on? Drop us a call or email or pop into one of our shops and we'll be happy to help!

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