Since we opened in 2018 we have seen it all, tried it all, and have even gone as far as producing our own award winning products as well. We started this as a business run by CBD users for CBD users. So welcome, and don't be afraid to ask any questions. We stock a wide range of brands, delivery methods and scrutinise every product that we sell so you don't have to.

We believe in education above sales tactics and hope you find our resources here helpful to find a product to suit your needs.

If not, fear not, we are always happy to offer free consultations via email or you can call in to one of our shops!


Popular in store questions

How can we help?

I'm new and haven't got a clue...

Welcome! We understand this can all be a bit overwhelming and complicated, so we'll do our best to break it down simply and point you in the right direction.

Most of our customers come for a similar set of reasons such as the ones below. If any of these fit your needs then we hope we've helped point you in the right direction. If not, scroll to the bottom and we'll help you out!

1. "I want to try drops but have no idea which ones, what strength, what dose or even how to use them'

First off, we don't blame you it's complicated at first, but we've got you. Put simply once you've decided on a brand to go with, typically they will have a main range of drops that are all essentially the same but in different concentrations. You could typically use any one of those bottles to achieve your desired dose (We'll help with dose don't worry) you would simply just vary the amount of the oil you would use per dose. A weaker bottle may need a whole pipette, where as a stronger bottle may only need a single drop. So from there, you can see why some may opt for weaker ones to trial it at first, and then buy a much stronger bottle for their established routine as they can take a lot less each time as it's nicer on the pallet, whilst also significantly reducing the cost per dose.

Therefor if you want to try drops, we'd suggest starting off at a 500mg or 1,000mg strength 10ml bottle. This is the cheaper end of the scale price wise meaning you can save some money whilst trying it and then if you find them effective you can opt for a stronger bottle later and reduce the amount of drops you use. Once you find an option under the drops collection under the menu at the top of the page, you can see how many drops you would need to take. A typicaly starting dose for most would be between 10mg - 25mg up to 3 times a day consistently for a week before reducing/ increasing dose strength to fit your needs.

2. "I have arthritis, fibromyalgia or another localised condition that I've been recommended CBD for what should I use?"

Ok so we have to start off by saying that we can't make any medical claims about CBD in any way. So unfortunately we're not able to answer you directly about our experiences. There is a wealth of information online around studies as well as reviews from those who've tried it. All we say is scrutinise everything and check sources.

What we can say is that we do have products that are designed to be applied to localised areas. Many of which can be used as a massage base to help work muscles or tired joints. A lot of our customers will use these as and when they need them as a top up whilst using drops or tablets as their day to day 'baseline' so to speak. Staff favourites are the Calm Stick massaging roll on, or the Muscle Salve!

What's your strongest drops?

The Infinity CBD 4,000mg 10ml is our most concentrated CBD Drops currently. Made using single source, organic, lab tested CBD and FSA novel list approved. These are available as Buy 1 get 1 half price too and are typically used by our customers with more advanced needs.

It's not all about strength/ concentration, but consistency of routine and utilising CBD in the right way for you. By all means, you can achieve a dose with a lot less oil using our strongest drops, and the price per dose will be much cheaper than going for a weaker oil, but just keep this in mind. If you're not sure, we're always on hand to answer any questions you may have!

What's the best CBD vape juice you've got?

There's two options when it comes to CBD vape juice first up being a CBD Isolate option, alongside a more premium blend boasting Broad or Full spectrum vapeable products. We've tried countless different options and although we used to stock a wide range, we decided to keep things simple and go with the ones that our customers reported the best feedback with, and with the best bang for your buck.

If you're looking for something that tastes like your favourite vape juice and is cheap per dose, then the Green Stem isolate vape juice range is a great choice starting at only £4!

If you're wanting to vape CBD for more advanced reasons, or want a broader range of cannabinoids in your dose, then the Aztec CBD vape range is a must. Although it costs more than the Green Stem equivalent in terms of CBD content, Aztec is full of a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes creating a completely different experience. The Super Lemon Haze has been a shop favourite since we opened!

Do you sell CBD Flower?

Although we'd love to, CBD Flower is illegal to possess and sell here in the UK with a prescription or CDL. We know many websites and even some shops openly sell it, but by the letter of the law you can't have it without a license or a prescription. Don't let someone fool you into thinking it's ok due to THC levels or because its from 'industrial hemp' as we've heard many times. It could be 0% THC and still be illegal. This is very clear in the law.

'But you sell dry herb vaporisers'. We do indeed. There are legal cannabis patients who are prescribed cannabis flower with strict instruction to use a dry herb vaporiser to avoid combustion. Whilst we're on that subject, if you are a legal cannabis patient, then we offer a permanent discount code to help with the costs on the CBD side of your routine. Let us know and we'll get you set up.

What's your go to option for after the gym?

You can't go wrong with a massage after the gym right? It doesn't have to be from a professional but even one that you can give yourself post shower can make a world of difference.

You can't beat a hot shower, followed by lathering on some of the naturally cooling Muscle Salve by Infinity CBD. Available in three different strengths, there's a jar for everyone to find their perfect cool down routine.

Don't let it stop there, this isn't just a vegan friendly muscle rub. The ingredients boast an all natural clash of the cosmetics titans with lashing of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Almond oil! Nourish your skin whilst giving yourself the TLC you deserve!

House Favourites

  • Want to know something cool?

    This chocolate above is the result of a collaboration of two businesses here in the heart of little old Pembrokeshire. This product was the very first CBD Chocolate produced in a SALSA accredited facility on the UK market when launched at the Birmingham NEC in 2019, and furthermore it has recently won second place in the Best Edibles category at the international Cannavist Awards. As a final feather in it's hat, it's recently also been added to the FSA's Novel Foods Public list! For those of you just here for the chocolate that might not mean a lot to you, but trust us, it's pretty impressive!

    Oh, and it tastes absolutely banging as well! Check it out below, warning it can be out of stock from time to time due to demand! You can always sign up to our newsletter for a heads up should it be out!

    CBD Chocolate 

Who we are and how we can help

We offer FREE consultations to anyone who is interested in trying CBD or wanting to refine their CBD routine. Education around CBD is key to our ethos, so even if you buy elsewhere, we're always happy to help advise to ensure you're getting a product that works for you regardless of where you choose to buy it. 

We're a small group of like minded folk from here in Pembrokeshire. Those of you who have been to our talks will know how passionate we are about CBD and its benefits!

Whether you shop with us online or in one of our 5 shops we have many ways of making your CBD routine more cost effective via our reward programs! Get in touch to find out more!