MedcannID Discount

MedCannID Discount for CBD Oil and Dry Herb Vaporisers

We now have a discount for MedCannID card holders!

Some of you may not be aware, but medical cannabis is now available legally in the UK. Not just CBD products like the ones we sell, but high THC content products prescribed for specific conditions.

There now over 5,000 patients here in the UK with legal access to cannabis. Many of these patients opt to use MedCannID to have a method to store their prescriptions and have them verified by a third party in order to show if necessary for legal reasons.

Medcannid discount UK

As the industry is new, the prices for prescriptions can be quite high. Especially for those who can't work due to their condition it can actually be unaffordable. There are new strains coming in and programs that help with these costs, but depending on your prescription it can still be very expensive.  

We know first hand how expensive these can be, and therefore wanted to offer a discount to anyone holding a MedCannID card to help with their associated costs. Whether that's money off a dry herb vaporiser to use their prescribed flower, or whether it's to buy the CBD part of their prescription with a discount to help reduce the overall costs. It's no secret that we started this business as advocates for CBD who used it ourselves, we have always extended discounts to support groups and those who need it. So this is our way of continuing to give back to the customers who have enabled us to work doing what we love and believe in. 

So if you hold a MedCannID and are looking to buy CBD Drops, Topicals or a Dry Herb vaporiser, email us at and we'll help get you setup with a custom discount code to help with your costs! 

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out and let us know! 

Have a lovely day! 

Pembrokeshire CBD Centre 

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