Top 6 CBD Christmas Gifts 2019

Top 6 CBD Christmas Gifts 2019

Want to give the gift of CBD this Christmas? Whether its for someone who already uses it or for someone who you think could benefit from trying CBD we've outlined so of our most popular products that would make the perfect gift this Christmas! 

Incase you're also new to CBD yourself and don't know what to get for someone then I'll quickly outline the different types of products that there are and what they would be use for to choose. 

CBD comes in a lot of different delivery methods, each with their own merits. The most popular products tend to be topical like balms, oral drops or edibles such as chocolates, honey or gummies. 

Drops are one of the most cost effective methods to take CBD, you can take them under the tongue and hold them for 60-90 seconds or simply swallow them directly/ mix them into a drink such as your morning coffee! (My personal favourite) 

Topical's such as balms, roll ons or salves are to be applied to the affected area. These are for targeted relief and depending on the strength/ brand they can be long lasting and cost effective for a multitude of reasons. 

Edibles are very popular as they're very easy to track a consistent dose and taste great. They can take forty- sixty minutes to get into your system but will then be in your system for up to four hours! 

Ok so enough of the ins and outs what are our top picks for Christmas presents this year? As a quick hint, there's a special discount code for those of you who have read this post, scroll down to see the code! 


1. CBD Chocolate! 

It's not Christmas without some chocolate right? Whether its a small stocking filler or a main gift these chocolate bars won't give a miss. Just make sure they don't eat it all in one go! (Easier said than done!) These Chocolates by Infinity CBD are hand crafted by a master chocolatier with full traceability of all ingredients. The Full Spectrum CBD Extract used has been specifically chosen due to its subtle flavour to ensure that there isn't an over powering hemp flavour within the chocolate. The reviews for this chocolate speak for themselves with an incredible flavour range to choose from including: Mint, Orange and Honeycomb, Raspberry Dark Chocolate and Gingerbread! 

Infinity CBD Chocolate

2. Oral Drops! 

As mentioned above CBD oral drops are one of the most well known CBD products due to their cost effectiveness an efficiency of absorption. It can be overwhelming when looking at all the different brands and varying price points. Without knowing all of the ins and outs it can be a mine field between over paying or having an inferior products for your own needs. As a gift the most important thing you want to ensure is that A. It's lab tested and trust worthy and that it's a suitable strength to try. 

I've got two choices laid out ahead to choose from with two unique stand points. Firstly the Infinity CBD tincture range, these pack a punch whilst being lab tested for peace of mind with a very cost effective price point (Especially when using the discount code at the bottom of this article!! ;) ) and the second choice is the other end of the scale price point but with good reason. I'll clarify here: 

Infinity CBD Drops - Available in 250mg, 500mg and 1,000mg these tinctures are the most cost effective drops on our website whilst being top quality. They start at £17.99 for the 250mg, £29.99 for 500mg and £49.99 for 1,000mg. Buy HERE

Infinity CBD Tincture CBD Drops

Hemplucid - These are the 'Rolls Royce' of CBD drops. The most popular option they have is the Water Soluble tincture that blends effortlessly into drinks such as water or coffee to make it more palatable whilst also increasing the bioavailability making it more efficient all round. Although it costs more, you are getting more bang for you buck with them! Starting at £29.99 for a 250mg it's the perfect gift for someone at Christmas to give CBD a good go whilst introducing it into their coffees or Christmas cocktails! Buy them HERE

3. CBD Honey


CBD infused honey has been incredibly popular since we opened our retail shop and since then we now have a couple of options to choose from, but first why does CBD Honey make a perfect present? 

CBD Honey is a really versatile edible that can be used in a multitude of ways, our personal favourite is in Tea/ Coffee or added to cereal but the worlds your oyster an all that so why not go crazy and glaze some ham in the new year or infuse your Mulled Wine with a CBD Boost? 

So our main recommendations based off of personal preference and sales figures are either Sun State Hemps honey sticks or Infinity CBD Honey Pots. The former honey sticks are a convenient way to carry honey with you out and about to top up throughout your day. Simply pop the end and squeeze your 10mg dose of CBD out! With Infinity CBD's honey pots they are more cost effective but in order to measure a consistent dose you would need to use a levelled teaspoon for each dose!

Buy Infinity CBD Honey Pot HERE

Buy Sun State CBD Honey Sticks HERE

Infinity CBD Honey infused honey CBD Cocktails

CBD Honey Sticks Wales Pembrokeshire


4. Bath Bombs!

Yep you read that right, CBD bath bombs are a thing and they're incredibly popular. The perfect way to unwind and for someone to try topical CBD. With a boost of Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Epsom salts, not only do these bath bombs smell great but they're nourishing for your skin and great for relaxing your muscled with the Epsom salts! 

As always with Infinity CBD these are made using lab tested CBD and have passed their Safety Assessments. With four different choices available in two different strengths there's plenty to choose from depending on your budget and scent preferences. Our in shop favourite is either Relax or Lovers Spell. Buy HERE

5. Gummies!

Sweets are another Christmas classic so it makes sense to add them to this list right? With a few different options and strengths to choose from to suit your budget and flavour preferences you can't go far wrong with Sun State Gummies. In packs from 180mg up to 3,000mg and multiple types to choose from you can't go far wrong! 

In house favourite are the Peach Rings in 1,500mg however the 180mg packs are perfect for giving CBD a try with a small packet perfect for a Christmas stocking! 

6. Calm Stick!

Looking for a solid all rounder than combines the benefits seen from oral drops with the benefits of topicals. The Calm Stick is a Lavender and Peppermint infused roll on with 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD. This was designed to apply to temples/ pressure points for relaxation whilst also being able to be used as a massaging tool to work tired muscles using the roller top. Don't be put off by price on this one, as it actually works out as one of the most cost effective products that we stock with up to 3 months out of a single bottle with extensive daily use. Some users getting up to 6 months! Buy HERE

Infinity CBD Calm Stick Full Spectrum CBD Cosmetics


Well there you have it! Quick and easy Christmas gifts that won't break the bank and will be a great way for the recipient to give CBD a try! 

Have a great Christmas and as always reach out if there's anything that we can help with! 

Use the code 'CHRISTMAS10'

- Pembrokeshire CBD Centre

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