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All natural CBD Oil Drops Infinity CBD Wales
CBD Oil Drops | Infinity CBD All Natural
CBD Oil Drops | Vegan CBD Drops Infinity CBD
CBD Oil Drops | Infinity CBD All Natural
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Infinity CBD Tinctures Oil Drops
Infinity CBD Tinctures Oil Drops
Infinity CBD Tinctures Oil Drops
Infinity CBD Tinctures Oil Drops
Infinity CBD Tinctures Oil Drops

Infinity CBD Tinctures Oil Drops

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Infinity CBD - All natural vegan cbd drops

Introducing our CBD Tinctures. Small 10ml bottles with 250mg, 500mg or 1,000mg Broad Spectrum CBD infused with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Conveniently sized for portability and a glass dropper to accurately measure your daily dose!

We believe our oil drops are priced as fairly as any on the market, we aim to bring the best quality broad spectrum tincture at a price that doesn't break the bank!


Use the dropper to apply the required number of drops directly under the tongue (see below for mg per drop). Hold the oil under the tongue for at least 90 seconds to maximise absorption and swallow.

250mg 10ml = 8 drops roughly 10mg

500mg 10ml = 4 drops roughly 10mg 

1000mg 10ml = 2 drops roughly 10mg

1500mg 10ml = 2 drops roughly 15mg

2000mg 10ml = 1 drop roughly 10mg

3000mg 10ml = 1 drop roughly 15mg

4000mg 10ml = 1 drop roughly 20mg

That's all the really basic stuff that you need to get started with our CBD oil drops. Do you want to take a deep dive into the do's and do not's of CBD oils? Then read on!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the most popular CBD Products on the market due to it’s efficiency for absorption and ease of manufacturing and a whole host of tinctures have it has flooded the market, but is it safe to say that all CBD Oils are made the same? No it’s not...

Unfortunately with an unregulated industry such as CBD currently, there are no strict guidelines or accreditation needed to verify things. You see statements being thrown around for trustability such as ‘Lab Tested’ but even that can be used misleadingly so where do you start when trying to find a suitable product to try? Well lets start with what to look out for.

Confusing Terminology

CBD Oil Drops (or CBD Tinctures as they’re often called), come in a range of strengths and are also described using different terminology which only serves to confuse first time customers even more. We've served customers face to face from our own CBD retail outlet for over a year now, and have seen first hand how difficult it can be to wrap your head around CBD products when starting out.

One confusing point for many of our customers is the different ‘strengths’ of CBD bottles. We urge our customers to ignore the strength in terms of how effective it will be to you, but more as a cost efficiency metric. Regardless of the strength you use, you can achieve the exact same dosage; it would simply mean taking more or less of the oil to achieve your dose.

For example if you took 10mg a day:

2.5% (250mg) 10ml bottle of CBD requires roughly 8 drops

5% (500mg) 10ml bottle requires roughly 4 drops

10% (1000mg) 10ml bottle requires roughly 2 drops

When it comes down to what strength to start with, our advice is typically to start with the highest concentration your budget will allow, this way you can take a consistent dose that will be cost effective for you to trial over an extended period of time (usually 2-6 weeks).


A lot of CBD oils will state a % on the front of the bottle, either alongside a MG (Milligram) count or by itself. The problem with this is it’s hard to quantify the value of the product without knowing other factors such as bottle size. Most people will take 10-25mg per dose, so it's much easier to to work out how long a bottle will last you by applying some quick and easy maths total CBD content vs the % within a bottle. After all if it states  5% in a 10ml bottle vs 5% in a 30ml bottle will result in wildly different total CBD content. 

MG Count:

Most of our customers use 10-25mg twice a day. Lets round that off to an easy number and say that they consume 25mg total a day;

A 500mg bottle divided by 25 = 20 days

So a £29.99 500mg bottle like ours works out at £1.49 a day. Should the same person then buy the 1,000mg bottle next time, that would last them 20 days results in the daily cost of £1.24.

The Infinity CBD Tinctures Oil Drops is a customer favourite and go to for their CBD top ups, and we hope you like it just as much!

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