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Collection: Best CBD Chocolate in the UK Wickedly Welsh

A selection of what we believe to be the Best CBD Chocolate in the UK

Best CBD Chocolate bars UK
We are so proud of our range of award winning CBD infused chocolates that first arrived on the market in 2019. Once launched this chocolate has gone on to be a favourite in the industry and unlike any other it was the first SALSA accredited CBD chocolate on the UK market, as well as being the ONLY SALSA accredited chocolate also approved by the FSA’s CBD novel foods list.

Since this launch a lot has changed in this business and over the past year we have made huge changes behind the scenes. Moving forward we are working with our partners who have been with us since day one on this chocolate journey and repackaging it under their renowned name Wickedly Welsh whilst keeping I our original recipes identical. So although these used to be sold under the brand 'Infinity CBD' they are now being repackaged as what you see here today! So you can rest easy that these have the same great quality and traceability that goes hand in hand with any Infinity CBD product.

So rest assured we haven’t changed a single thing about our recipes or ingredients used and it is the same master chocolatier making every single bar that you can buy through the link below!

So whether you’re a fan of our Orange and Honeycomb CBD chocolate or any of our other gourmet flavours, we’ve got you covered as they aren’t going anywhere!

So without further delay, grab a bar of what we believe the be the best CBD Chocolate in the UK whether it’s a single bar, or a bundle as a gift!
And for those interested in the origins of this CBD chocolate we have kept our old product pages up so you checkout out real world reviews, and more about how this chocolate journey began HERE.

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