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A selection of products for your perfect cup of CBD Coffee! This has become a morning routine for us at Pembrokeshire CBD Centre since we opened in 2018. There are many different ways to introduce CBD into your coffee, whether it's CBD Coffee Beans, CBD Coffee shots, CBD Drops/ Water soluble CBD Drops or CBD Honey for a more natural sweetener to your morning roast. 


We have tried pretty much every combination going and we'll break down the pros and cons from our perspective of each option! 


How to make CBD Coffee


If you have bought CBD Coffee beans then prep your coffee according to the instructions. It's important to check the dosage/ weight so you don't over or under do it! Temps aren't too much of a problem but it's worth noting that terpenes are quite volatile and will degrade at temperatures from 50c up. So if you're after a full terpene flavour profile, cold brew coffee is the way to go unless you don't mind brewing at lower temps. 50c would be a bit extreme as they wont all degrade immediately, you'll still retain some of their flavour in the 70-80 range. But this is all down to taste, so have fun and experiment! 


Right so at this point if you've bought ground coffee and know how to use it then you're all set. Make to your preference, sit back and relax! We recommend 10-25mg per cup of coffee. But start small and build up to find your preference! 


If you haven't bought ground CBD Coffee but want to add CBD to your own favourite blend (Or Instant!) then your main option are CBD Drops. Most CBD Drops are based in a carrier oil such as hempseed oil, Olive or MCT Oil. What this means is that the CBD Drops will float on top of your coffee. If you've got a cheeky frothy coffee like a latte or cappuccino then this will blend in effortlessly and won't be so apparent. However if you're opting for a black coffee or one with simple milk you will notice the oil floating on top. This is off putting to some but others such as ourselves enjoy the nutty flavour boost on the first few sips. However one thing is for sure, no one likes having to add a large amount of oil to their coffee. With strengths of CBD Oil like Infinity CBD's 5%, 10% or 20% CBD Drops you would only have to add between 1-2 drops. So the oil on the surface of your CBD Coffee wont be so noticeable. However if you use a weaker oil like a 2.5% or below, you may have to add upwards of 8-16 drops which would be really noticeable and could be unpleasant. So we advise 5% and up for CBD Coffee! 


Water Soluble CBD Drops for Coffee?


So these in our opinion are the best option and we'll keep it super simple and non scientific for now but there's plenty of information and studies out there that explain it in further detail. 


Basically Water Soluble CBD Drops are the same as regular CBD Drops but with two key distinctions:


Firstly they mix into water effortlessly. This means that it makes your CBD Coffee or CBD Smoothie mixing and tasting much more pleasant. Heck you can even add these to a CBD Cocktail! So no worries about a small oil slick on top of your CBD Coffee! Happy days! 


Secondly, due to the fact they blend effortlessly, this means that once it's ingested it isn't only being absorbed at the top much like when regular CBD Oil sits on top of your coffee. Therefor its more bioavailable (easily absorbed) by being more readily available covering a larger surface area! 


What water soluble CBD Oil would we recommend? Theres two clear winners in our eyes. Hemplucid Water Soluble Drops and Hannabis 1,000mg Water Soluble Drops


If you have any questions about the above and how to build CBD Coffee into your morning routine then let us know by popping into one of our stores or give us a call/ email!


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