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Infinity Orbs - 750mg CBD Capsules

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Infinity CBD Orbs

These Full Spectrum CBD Orbs pack a punch at 25mg per capsule, an easy to track consistent dose day in day out is easy when you've got a jar of these in your life.

Whether you take just one in the morning/ night or one in the morning and at night it's fair to say that keeping topped up daily on your CBD has never been easier than this! 

With 30 in a tub it's a solid months supply at a moderate 25mg a day or 15 days worth if doubling up! Don't forget you can combine this with topical solutions such as our Calm Stick or Natures Balm for even more efficient results! 

As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out and let us know or checkout their website for more info! 

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From Infinity CBD:

Infinity CBD 25mg Orbs

These Orbs were specifically made for ease of tracking dosage, avoiding the typical hempy taste from drops and for convenient carry to keep topped up as and when you need it. 

People use CBD for a wide variety of reasons but the one thing all users have in common is that consistency is key. Sure with a trustable lab reported and transparent CBD oil you can certainly track a consistent daily dose by counting drops however this isn’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t like the oily texture/ hempy taste or perhaps you already take other multi Vits or tablets and these fit right into your current schedule, either way you cant go wrong with this method of taking CBD! 

These orbs utilise the same kind of dilution of extract that our CBD oils are made with meaning that you can rely on the same Full Spectrum Quality! 

Although we can’t make any direct medical claims we can comment on the routine that we found works best and what are customers have reported to be best for them. 


Take between 1 -2 orbs a day and increase if required after 4-5 consistent days. 

The best time to take these depends on your purpose for taking them, but typically most people fall into one of two categories. 1. They take their Orb first thing in the morning to start their day or 2. An hour or so before bed. Those who take two a day have reported best results when taking one in the morning and one in the evening. 


Capsules vs Drops

There is a difference between the efficiency of the bioavailability of taking CBD sublingually BS swallowing. When holding CBD drops under your tongue it helps the extract get straight into your bloodstream efficiently, the remaining extract is then swallowed and any remanence will then be processed through your digestive system and enter your bloodstream via your liver. The majority of the CBD will be absorbed in the initial sublingual stage with any remaining compounds being processed 45 - 90 minutes later through your liver. 

When adding drops to a drink such as a coffee/ smoothie or eating a CBD edible or capsules like these Orbs it cuts out the sublingual stage meaning 2 things. Firstly the absorption rate is slower as it can take 45 minutes to an hour and a half to get into your system and secondly not all of the dose will be received efficiently. This is why these orbs are 25mg doses to take into account these differences and keep them at a solid dose whether you’re taking them 1-2 times a day. 

So as with most things there are pros and cons to both methods here but the end goal is the same. The strip it down as simply as possible, if you don’t mind the taste and process of using CBD drops then they are the better choice, they are more efficient and cost effective. If you want simplicity or don’t like the taste of CBD oil then the orbs are for you! Everyone is different and if you try one and find that it isn’t helping as much as you would like then it is still worth trying the alternative. Everyone is different and some customers will report nothing noticeable from one method and a stark contrast with the other. There doesn’t seem to be a relative reason for why some people are better on sublingual vs edible such as size or metabolism at least from what we’ve seen. 

As always we are on hand to help clarify, answer any questions or provide advice. Whether you want a quick clarification on something or a full consultancy then we’ve got you covered! 


- Infinity CBD 


The Infinity Orbs - 750mg CBD Capsules was built with people like you in mind. Something to make your hemp wellbeing journey easy and effective every single Day!

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