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Sun State Hemp CBD Products 


Sunstate Hemp have been one of the main brands we've stocked since we opened our doors in 2018. Their CBD Honey Sticks and Gummies have been the go to daily top up for many of our customers for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever you're using CBD for, if you choose a Sunstate Hemp edible you can be certain you'll end up with a super tasty way to take CBD!


But Sunstate Hemp CBD Products don't stop at edibles, they also have an extensive vape and topical range including moisturisers, muscle rubs and more! 


What are the most popular choices for our customers?


The top selling Sunstate Hemp CBD Products that we sell is by far their 1500mg Gummie rings. The reason for this is their edibles taste great and are an easy way to take a consistent dose with prolonged effects and the 1500mg pots are one of the most cost effective options out there! But don't be put off by the price, they offer small 180mg tester packs that are well worth trying first. The rings are 30mg each on average so therefor are a really decent dose with digestion meaning up to an hour and a half before full effects. 


CBD Vape liquid - Sunstate Hemp offer affordable entry level CBD Vape juices in a wide range of flavours. Whether you're after something fruity or with authentic cannabis terpene profiles they've got you covered! 


That's enough of us rambling on about them! If you need any advice then feel free to give us a call, pop in or drop us an email and we'll help guide you through Sun Sstate Hemp CBD Products to find something that will work for you! 

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