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Rest and Relaxation Bundle - Infinity CBD

Rest and Relaxation Bundle - Infinity CBD

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We all struggle to turn off from time to time, whether this is something you battle with daily, or at certain troublesome times, there are a few things you can do to help turn off and set yourself for the ultimate night of calm and relaxation. 

This bundle was created with setting you up with a new Rest & Relaxation Ritual that you can use long after you've used all of these amazing products. 

Define what YOU time means from this point forward! 


 Infinity CBD have been around the block in terms of what CBD products can and should be. We first opened our doors in 2018 and have since gone on to win awards, worked with support groups, brought unique products to the market and built the largest eco friendly cannabis labs in SW Wales. 

These products were designed by CBD users, for CBD users using peer feedback, refining formulations and working with other industry professionals. Not only that but we have had some of the products in this pack have been featured in The Guardian and Health and Wellbeing Magazine!


  • The ultimate CBD relaxation ritual 
  •  Drops made using single source, lab tested and organic CBD extract
  •  Fully Vegan option (Select Dark Chocolate option)
  •  Includes specialist CBD Drops, CBD Infused Chocolate, Cinnamon CBD Massage bars and a Calming CBD Roll on 
  • Perfect for those who don't know where to start with CBD or as a gift for someone who you think could benefit from using CBD in their daily routine! 

Relaxation starts from within. You are in control of your ebs and flows. This bundle gives you the opportunity to use the main three types of CBD products synchronistically, with sublingual absorbed drops, topical massage products and direct edibles. 

You can begin your Rest & Relaxation journey using the very best combinations in your new routine to help set the tone for your calming evening ahead. 


1x 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Calm Stick
1x 500mg Calm Infusions CBD Drops 
1x 120mg Infused Gourmet CBD Chocolate 
1x 100mg 2 Pack of Cinnamon Leaf CBD Massage Bars 

Individual product info:

CBD can be a bit complex and daunting when starting out. There's a lot of key words and products that look similar but can be hard to tell what any of it means right? So let's delve into each product and break down what they are, and how you can use them! 

Terpene infused CBD Drops Infinity CBD Infusions


These drops were designed to be a step up from your typical CBD Drops. CBD comes in a wide variety of extracts and compositions, some only contain CBD, where as others also contain a wide range other compounds such as THC, CBG, CBN and terpenes. These additional compounds have also been shown to have effects that can work in conjunction with the CBD itself. Depending on the different combinations of these terpenes and other compounds, customers report different effects. Some medical cannabis users for example will report one strain that exhibits a particular terpene profile will help them in the daytime, where as a different strain will help them more at night. 

So we wanted to create a more bespoke experience with a new range of drops where we infused specific terpene profiles in with our already rich cannabinoid profile. The resulting range was Infusions by Infinity CBD. 

So as this the Rest and Relaxation bundle, we thought it would be fitting to include the 'night time'/ Indica version known as 'Calm' as part of your new ritual. 

You can use these in the same way you would use your regular CBD drops, taking drops under your tongue, or adding them to food/ drink! 

 Best CBD Chocolate UK Award winning CBD Chocolate by Infinity CBD


I don't think this needs too much of an introduction does it? I mean who doesn't love a bit of chocolate? 

Well we do! So back in 2019 we recognised that there wasn't any SALSA accredited, fully traceable, single source CBD Chocolate on the UK market that used Organic CBD extract.

So we teamed up with a local chocolatier to create a range of CBD chocolate bars before launching them at the Hemp and CBD Expo in Birmingham. 

Since then our chocolate bars have become a favourite in store and online, perfect for those trying CBD for the first time, or for those who fancy a treat and may even want to bake with them and have even gone on the win an award at The Cannavist awards in 2021!

So take your pick when purchasing this bundle because you can choose from: 

Orange & Honeycomb 
Dark Chocolate Raspberry 

 CBD Massage Therapy Cinnamon CBD Massage Bars


These decadent massage bars are designed to melt upon contact with your skin. They release a rich golden aromatic massage oil that uses organic Cinnamon Leaf essential oil and Peppermint Arvensis. 

Locked within the confines of the Shea and Cocoa butters are aduki beans which begin to protrude upon use, creating a rigid texture perfect for working those tired muscles and knots. 

At 50mg per bar and two in each pack, these massage bars pack a punch. Better yet, each bar can offer up to 3 or 4 luxurious massage sessions!

In addition to being an incredible massage oil, the generous butters that emerge from these bars are also incredible nourishing for your skin. Moisturising at the same time as massaging with the rich cocoa and shea butters being the primary ingredients but also boosted by vitamin E suspended in Almond oil.  

 CBD Roll on Calm Stick by Infinity CBD


There realy is no easier way to keep topically topped up on the go than this potent little bottle of loveliness. 

By far one of our most popular products since we launched and for good reason! Not only does it pack a punch with its potent formulation but it's very efficient lasting many daily users 2-3 months! 

Infused with Lavender and Peppermint and dispensed with a massaging roll on, this Calm Stick is the ideal solution for those tired muscles, or to start your wellness journey before Yoga or meditation. 

Great for targetted relief by massaging in a circular motion into affected areas, or by applying to the interior of your wrists, temples and back of your neck prior to some relaxation time! 

Easy to fit in your pocket/ bag to take on the go, our only warning is once your friends/ family have tried it they'll be asking to borrow it all of the time! So you've been warned!



(Views expressed below are those of our customers, and any claims regarding medical benefits are purely the opinion of said customer, not a representation of our opinions or comments on these products)

Phillipa Wafflart - Calm Stick

I use the calm stick daily about 4-5 times, on my wrists and dot it on my neck.I use it mainly to top my CBD up but also it’s so handy to just roll on anywhere that needs it.Like across my forehead if I have a headache.Ideal for any aches and pains.My cbd balm really helps my knees, and if I’m out and about I can use my calm stick to apply to my knees to top up.I have recommended this to several friends to help with anxiety, and each and every one have had great results.Really don’t know where I would be without my calm stick! Always with me!

Mat - CBD Massage Bars

This is an incredible product, it melts with the heat of your hand and really helps to sooth those aches and pains after a long day. Awesome stuff!

Rachel Hicks - CBD Chocolate (Mint)

I found this reminiscent of a childhood fav - Kendal mint cake!. This was by far my favourite chocolate bar. I could’ve eaten the whole bar in one sitting!I found it not only delicious and refreshing but the texture and taste was lovely. There was no underlying hemp taste, unlike other brands.

Kiki - Dark Chocolate Raspberry CBD Chocolate

The flavour of this chocolate is delicious, the raspberry compliments the dark chocolate perfectly. The best thing though is the dosage of cbd per square. It’s very easy to regulate and 1 or 2 squares is enough. A small amount can be grated on top of a dessert too and it’s just enough, so it’s quite versatile. The packaging is also lovely. Overall excellent quality and taste. Great to see this company flourish.

Laura - Calm Stick

Another amazing product from Infinity, smells lovely too! I use it for pretty much anything and everything, from aches and pains/ migraines to insect bites! Even used it on someone with an infection/swollen hand...swelling/ redness/ itching went right down in just 2 days. It's like magic, I keep it in my bag at all times and it saves me from just about everything! High quality product, seems expensive but defo worth it as it has so many uses and goes a really along way. Free and really prompt delivery makes it even better! I recommend it to anyone and everyone. If I could I'd put it on a paint roller and cover myself in it! Thanks Infinity x

Bev Griffiths - Calm Stick

Can’t rate this little beauty enough. I carry it everywhere with me and gives instant relief. It also goes far as it’s a little roll on . It’s been my saviour and worth every penny!



Dosage and application amount will vary from product to product. Below we have a general guide for 10ml drops at certain strengths, however it is always worth checking each product for it's specific dosage. We are always more than happy to help guide you with any dosage questions as we understand it can be quite confusing!

250mg 10ml = 8 drops roughly

500mg 10ml = 4 drops roughly 10mg 

1000mg 10ml = 2 drops roughly 10mg

1500mg 10ml = 2 drops roughly 15mg

2000mg 10ml = 1 drop roughly 10mg

3000mg 10ml = 1 drop roughly 15mg

4000mg 10ml = 1 drop roughly 20mg

How to use

Use the dropper to apply the required number of drops directly under the tongue (see below for mg per drop) or count them out on your finger to count before placing there. Hold the oil under the tongue for at least 90 seconds to maximise absorption and swallow.

Topicals are any CBD products you place on your skin, whether it's a massage product, moisturiser or body butter. We always suggest testing any topical product on a small patch of skin first to ensure you have no reactions. Once happy, follow the instructions and apply to your targeted area. We suggest waiting 15-20 minutes before reapplying if you feel as though you need more to discover the right amount for your needs. Then you can use that amount as and when you need it!


CBD edibles will come with a dose guide, for example Infinity CBD Chocolate has a dose per square. So you can easily work out how much you're taking by counting squares. It's worth noting that when eating CBD it can take 40-80 minutes to get into your system.

CBD Vape:

Vaping CBD is a very efficient method of consuming CBD. Meaning that we advise taking it slow and steady initially. Allow a few minutes after a few pulls on your device to gauge whether you need more. You will soon know how much you need per top up and go from there. It is worth noting that if you swap from a cheaper isolate vape to a broad or full spectrum option that you may find you can decrease your dosage on the latter vs the isolate option.


We offer first class, second class and courier (Parcel Force). We dispatch same day before 2pm whenever possible Monday - Friday.

Even though we are out of the lockdowns and restrictions are lifting, we have still been seeing delays with deliveries from time to time. Supply chains are struggling still. We always get orders out as fast as we can, but beyond that we can't control these other factors that at times can delay a delivery.

Pro Tip

Most of our customers who use the drops tend to take one in the morning, and one in the evening, timing their evening dose around an hour before bed time. Some compliment this dose with a topical in the day as and when they need it with a product such as the muscle salve, or Calm Stick roll on.

Every one is different, always remember to feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Secret savings tips

Shhh don't tell anyone this but there's quite a few ways you can maximise savings by shopping with us. Believe me it can add up quickly and makes us by far one of the most cost effective options when it comes to your CBD routine! So here's how to make the most of our multiple offerings and at the bottom there's even a bonus tip to earn some cold hard cash at the same time, now who said there's no such thing as a free meal?!

1. Newsletter Discount - First up, sign up to our newsletter, you'll get a discount code immediately in your inbox. It's that simple! Furthermore, from time to time you'll get exclusive discounts that only email subscribers get, early access to sales and you get to start collection rewards points!

2. Rewards points - Once you're signed up you will already have some points waiting for you. Off the bat, free money boom there you go. So when you place your first order, you'll receive points based off of your spend. These are automatically added to your account and based off our statistics here, the majority of customers have enough to redeem money off from their first purchase! These points can be redeemed for gift cards for as little as £5. So not only will you save by signing up on your first order, but you may well have a gift card to use on your second order too!

3. Permanent offers - Yep you heard, Tesco doesn't have the monopoly on mix and match lunch deals, we've got you covered too! So we have ongoing offers. When we launched Pembrokeshire CBD Centre back in 2018 the market was all over the place with extremely expensive yet low quality products flooding the market. We wanted to help keep those costs down without compromising on quality for our customers. So we've always offered discounts to support groups and medical patients, but we also want to help with the ongoing costs for our customers who use CBD regularly. One of the ways we've achieved that is by making all of the Infinity CBD Drops range permanently 'Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price'. Simply add two bottles or more to your basket and it will automatically take half off the cheapest option. Although this offer can't be used in addition to other discount codes, it will still add to your rewards points if you sign up! So you're not only reducing your purchase price but you're stacking those points for your next gift card too!

4. Become an Ambassador - Yep you heard! We welcome our customers who have tried our house line of products the opportunity to become an ambassador. Our little shop has been a success thanks to word of mouth from our community. We appreciate all of you who have spread the word and by offering this we can automatically track any referrals you make and pay you back a healthy commission at the end of each month. It's free to sign up, and you'll be given a link and a discount code. So if you recommend a product and they use your link or code to make a purchase it will result in your account being credited. Then once a month we pay you directly in real cash. Read more here:

So what we're saying is that you can not only save from your first order by signing up, but likely get a gift card for your second order, and then if you like the products and recommend them you could earn real cash too.. That's pretty good if you ask me!

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Pembrokeshire CBD Centre

We opened our doors back in 2018 and have been on a wild ride since. We've won awards for our shops as well as products from our own brand, as well as having been featured in The Guardian and Health and Wellbeing magazine.

We started this business as CBD users wanting to bring a curated selection of products that our customers can trust. Using feedback from our customers in store, in support groups and from other partners in the industry to make a stress free shopping experience with peace of mind that you're being supplied a compliant, legal and reputable product regardless of which option you go for.

We also offer free, no obligation in depth consultations to help you find the right fit for you! Feel free to drop us an email, pop into one of our shops or jump on the phone and we'll be happy to help!

  • Still unsure where to start?

    Don't worry, you're not alone!

    CBD can be daunting and really confusing at first with so many options, strengths, doses and information. Fear not, there are no wrong questions to ask, and we are always happy to help guide you through it all!

    There is no obligation to shop with us off the back of an enquiry, we believe helping inform people around CBD will give them the best chance to find something that works for them. So if we can help you set of on the right track of your CBD journey then we are happy to do so regardless of where you end up shopping!

  • Are you a medical cannabis patient?

    If you're with Sapphire Clinics or one of the other legal cannabis clinics and receiving an active prescription, then you are eligible to a discount on our range of CBD Drops to help with the cost of your treatment. Not only is one of our directors a patient themselves, but we work with many others who supplement the THC side of their prescription with our CBD products in order to keep costs down. In addition to this, we also offer Dry Herb vaporisers to help you get setup for your FLOS prescription. If you want to find out more, drop us an email and we'll get you setup with a discount code.

  • Drops VS Edibles?!

    Don't know which is best for you? Well everyones different so don't worry about that. We'll break down the key differences between the two below to try and help you decide:

    Drops when held under the tongue are absorbed much faster and at a higher rate vs swallowing edibles directly. Edibles can take 40-80 minutes to take effect and not as much of the CBD will necessarily be absorbed.

    Our customers make their choice between the two typically based on price (Drops work out cheaper typically) or on preference on flavour/ texture (Many opt for edible over drops as they don't like the hemp flavour and oily consistency).

  • Is it legal?


    From day one back in 2018 we have worked closely with trading standards to ensure that we are ahead of every change in this industry. We run a tight ship, and as we also own a brand that has been added to the approved Novel Foods list by the FSA we take this very seriously!

    You have complete peace of mind when shopping with us that you are buying a legal, safe and compliant CBD product.

So no to combustion

Medical Cannabis is prescribed to be used with a suitable vaporiser. We offer advice and a range of options when it comes to dry herb vaporisers. Feel free to drop us a message, email or call and we'll be happy to assist you. Also, if you're a medical patient with a cannabis prescription you can get a discount for your dry herb vape and a permanent discount should you want to shop with us for the CBD Drops part of your treatment! Learn more here: